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  • What is Therapy?
    Therapy is an opportunity to look at all the aspects of your life, your history, your dreams, goals, ambitions, as well as your disappointments and failures. The goal of therapy is to identify and use your strengths while improving upon your weaknesses. Walking down this path of self-awareness will lead to an emotionally healthier and productive life. With the therapist, our clients work to see what changes need to be made in order to live the life they desire. People often feel that they are in a rut and do not know how to change the course of their lives. Instead of relying on fate to decide your future, you can work with a trained counselor who will guide you in identifying all that needs to be changed in your life and improve your current relationships.
  • How Do I Start?
    The first step in starting your therapy program is to call us at 818-761-2227 x707 to schedule your first intake appointment. From there, you will be assigned to a counselor based on your personal needs.
  • What is Intake?
    An intake is the first appointment for potential clients at The Center for Professional Conseling. This initial appointment is only an evaluation appointment and is not a therapy session. We have you fill out our standard questionnaire, submit proof of income, and then have you meet with one of our intake counselors to discuss and review your paperwork. Your information is passed on to our Clinical Director who will carefully select a counselor appropriate for your needs. The fee for the intake is $35.
  • What If I Don't Like The Therapist Selected For Me?
    For counseling to be effective, it is important to feel comfortable with your counselor. If you feel you are not comfortable, or dislike your counselor, please contact the Clinical Director at 818-761-2227 ext. 240, with any concerns or questions – we are happy to reassign you to another therapist. ​
  • How Often Do I Come For Counseling?
    Counseling sessions are 50 minutes in length and are scheduled at the same day and time each week. Some cases may require a more intensive therapy program, depending on the needs of the client. In the treatment of children and teens, it is our protocol to see the minor in individual sessions and encourage the parents to participate in additional family therapy to get the best therapeutic benefit for their children. ​
  • How Much Do I Pay and Do I Need To Bring Proof of Income?
    The first appointment fee is $40 for the 50-minute intake assessment. This initial appointment is only an evaluation appointment and is not a therapy session. During that time, the intake counselor will discuss with you your financial situation and set a fee appropriate to your income level. Our fees are based on your ability to pay, and we try to be as accommodating as possible. To accurately assess and determine your weekly fee, we ask that you bring a form of income statement. (most current pay stub, W2 tax form, benefit award letter from employment commission EDD, and or alimony. *For clients who are unable to provide the above mentioned documentation of income, he or she can explain his/her financial history and source(s) during the intake evaluation appointment
  • Can My Insurance Pay for My Therapy Sessions?
    At this time we are not accepting insurance, however we do provide receipts if you wish to send a claim into your insurance provider.
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